Electric cars and other parts castings (aluminum alloy)

Electric vehicle brake wheel series、Brake cover、Flange、Highway Plotter Parts

Casting auto parts(Aluminum alloy)--Car

Cam bearing cover、Oil filter base、Cylinder head cover、First cam bearing cover

Casting auto parts--Car

Hubs、Upper bracket、Small bracket、Brake support、Engine support、Anti-swing bracket、Support、Balance block、Control rod、Balancing weight

Railway casting parts--Line products

Glc slide plate、Pdl(passenger-dedicated-line) slide plate、Idler wheel slide plate、Crh(china railway high-speed) base plate、General base plate、Railway track shock absorber castings

Refrigeration casting parts

Refrigeration compressor frame、Motor housing、192 Box body、Disk iron casting、Iron casting for diffuser、Support、Clamping set

Wind-power generator casting parts

Engine Base、Support、U-frame、Upper and lower bearings

Casting auto parts--Heavy Truck

V-ball head、Suppprt legs、Front stabilzing lazy arm lever、Casting rod

Railway casting parts--Locomotive products

Draw bar、Mounting base、Terminal draw bar、Subway gearbox、Supporting base、Support sleeve、Idf jacket、Bearing socket
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